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Lali of the Lill 2 by Adi Mandal

Page Count: 199
Published on: February 14th 2015
Published by: Adi Mandal
Genre(s): YA, Fantasy
Source: Provided by author
Age Rating: PG-13

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Twitter: @LaliOfTheLill

My Rating: 2.5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Lali is emotionally and physically weak, unfit to be numan. If nothing changes, she could fail in her journey and never find The Lill.

There's only one thing she can do to get the clock of fate ticking in her favor, only it's far more difficult than her mind can comprehend.

Lali feels nothing can break her spirit, until the least of her expectations happens. It only takes one lie to change everything forever.


Hey guys!

      I was contacted by Adi to read the latest installment in the Lali of the Lill series. I've been corresponding with Adi ever since I read her first book Lali of the Lill: One, and I've been really excited to read the second book. When I read the first book, I was really impressed with the whole concept of the book, and I even told Adi that her book had some potential to become one of the next big things. The problems that I spelled out in my review of the first book {which can be found *here*} unfortunately were not solved in the second book. 

      One of the problems that I had with this book was the the lack of dimensional characters. Each of the characters were very flat, and I couldn't connect with any of them. The lack of description, character building, and world building made this book out to be very confusing. The dialogue between the characters was really awkward, too formal at times, and then would switch to an even more awkward yet more modern way of speaking. Adi's choice of wording was overall just awkward, and the words were usually used wrong. I'm not completely sure of whether or not Adi's first language is English, but from what I got from reading her book. I don't think it is, which would explain how awkward this whole story was. Another problem was that events or minor characters were randomly mentioned throughout, and at random times, and they would just appear out of no where. It was very confusing. Another problem was that the POV would change mid-paragraph or mid-page. It made it awkward to read. When the POV would change from Lali to Theon, the descriptions that Lali would give would be contradicted when Theon would continue narrating. 

      The world, magical concepts, and the characters actions were all very random and not explained very well. Lali's actions and behavior would contridict her behavior towards Theon and the ideas that she insisted that she believed in. For example, Lali kept getting angry when Theon would lie, but she would continually lie to Theon about the weird happenings that would happen to her whenever he wasn't around. She was also really really naive, and then would sob/cry/burst into tears when someone would betray her. Her constant crying would get really annoying, and by the end of the book I was really sick of Lali. I actually almost hated her. I literally wrote in my notes for Lali to "calm down you stupid head". She was way to dramatic, and it got on my nerves...  Her "relationship" with Theon was totally messed up. There wasn't any relationship development, and she's always so trusting, with out any kind of common sense.

     This whole book]was kind of spaz-tastic. I'm not saying this to be mean, but I really don't think Adi's editor did a good enough job; and if her editor only specialized in editing the book in their native language, then I can understand that. :) I think that Adi's books have a tremendous amount of potential and I really hope that the third book is better. 

Happy reading everyone!

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