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My Review Policy and Rating Scale

My focus on Liv The Book Nerd is to provide honest reviews of the books that I read. I'm a very enthusiastic reader and I love to share my thoughts and feelings with others. 

This is a multi-genre book blog, so my reviews will be varied. I accept requests for all genres, but mainly young adult. I'm always open to read something new and out of my comfort zone. I have a deep love and appreciation for all genres, so do not hesitate to shoot me an email request if you'd like me to read your book. It's an honor to work with all who contact me. Thank you for looking at my blog. 

Concerning Reviews & Opinions: 

      All reviews on my blog are opinion-based, and my opinions will not be swayed regardless of whether or not I received your novel for review. I aim to write and give honest and trustworthy reviews. If I find something that I do not like, a fault in the novel, then I will point it out. I will attempt to finish your novel and read it cover to cover. I am not paid to write my reviews. I write these reviews because I have a genuine love for Young Adult fiction and the written word. 

(format update 8/15/2017)
This section is often reevaluated in order to update further thoughts and frequently questioned concepts. ~03/29/2018~

Q: // What does DNF mean? 

A: //  DNF: Did Not Finish

Q: // Why was my book DNF'd?

1) I could not get into the book and I did not want to force myself to read something I did not enjoy. I consider reading to be a way of relieving stress. I will not "waste" my time on something that is not for me.

Q: //  Does this mean Olivia will bash my book and tell people not to read it?

A: //  No. Absolutly not. I often review the DNF'd books as I would review the book I did finish. I usually write an actual review/explanation of why I did or could not finish the book, along with a detailed list or discussion. I am always open to discussing my thoughts with my readers and/or other writers. I view literature as an artistic piece of the writer's soul or being. We as humans are capable of reading the same book, yet we focus on different aspects that speak to us. Therefore, I consider literature to be open for interpretation. 

    Even if I do not enjoy the book, someone else may like it. It is very rare that I say that someone should not read a book. I won't openly say it shouldn't be read, as that is belittling the author and the readers who enjoyed it. Rather, I will say "I do not recommend this book" and I may recommend the books I did/do enjoy. I feel all books have the capability of bringing someone joy. It may not be me, but there is probably someone who would enjoy the book I'm DNFing. Maybe my DNF review will influence someone else to read the book to see what they think of it. I often read books that are controversial or disliked by others to see what I think of it. I personally love DNF reviews. 

Another Note:  I may decide to pick a book up at a different time (I firmly believe that books can have different effects on people during different parts of their lives), so there is always a chance that I may someday read and review it. 80% of the time, I do not, but there is a chance.  

Reading is one of my passions and I long to share my love for literature with others. 


In Regards to Request Emails:

Do not assume that I will take up your request to read your book. If you send me the information regarding the subject matter of your novel and assume that I will just read your book, you are mistaken. Please ask before sending electronic copies of your book. Just because you send me an electronic copy right away does not mean I will read your book. 

College & Reading:

I read less during the school year. As of this year (2017), I will be starting my sophomore year of college. Because of this, I will have less time to read and review books. I ask for patience and compassion because of this. I will, of course, try to read the books sent to me ASAP. However, I cannot promise that they will have an official review as soon as I would like. I do put less detailed lists or blurbs on Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter. I have more frequent updates on Goodreads as I read, so that is also a fun way to get information. My main focus and goal will always be to do well in school. I do not actively stop reading, but I do not read as much as I wish during this time. Thank you for your consideration!

My Rating Scale: 

0 stars: DNF'd 

1 star: This book was definitely not for me. I had to slog through this one.

2 stars: This book wasn't for me, but it had redeeming factors or had promise. 

3 stars: This book wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. It had an equal amount of bad/good qualities.

4 stars: Really good but not my absolute favorite.

5 stars: Oh. My. Gosh! This book gave me all the feels! I love this book so much!


Images – any images used on LivTheBookNerd have been sourced from either Google or Goodreads and all credit for these images go to the respective owners. The background and logo were provided by the Blogger site. Some images will be used from the LivTheBookNerd Instagram page.

Concerning Guest Reviewers/Guest Posts:
If you would like to write a post on here as a guest please contact me via email. You have to run the post by me first.

This blog is read by younger audiences as well as young adults so I'm asking guest bloggers to keep their language at a PG-13 level. Thank you!

If you have a book (or eBook or ARC) that you would like me to review, please contact me at

My reviews will contain the following:
• Cover Art
• Title ( with links to purchase)
• Author (with link to Author’s website or Twitter)
• Publication Information
• Source (owned by reviewer, ARC from publisher, library)
• Synopsis (taken from author’s website or Goodreads)
• My honest & heartfelt thoughts and feelings on the book
• If you would like anything else featured, please email me!

      I blog about what I want to blog. 99.99% of the time, I am not paid to review their book. If an author contacts me about their book, then I will put a disclaimer in my review that I was contacted to read the book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Just because I enjoy or do not enjoy a book does not mean that my readers will not. I encourage my readers to make educated decisions for themselves. 

Thank you!

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