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After You (Me Before You #2) by Jojo Moyes

Page Count: 353
Published on: September 29, 2015
Published by: Penguin
Genre(s): Fiction, Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Drama
Source: Paperback -Sent to me by Penguin
Age Rating: PG-17
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Twitter: @jojomoyes

My Rating: 4.5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

“You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. But I hope you feel a bit exhilarated too. Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Just live well. Just live. Love, Will.”

How do you move on after losing the person you loved? How do you build a life worth living?

Louisa Clark is no longer just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. After the transformative six months spent with Will Traynor, she is struggling without him. When an extraordinary accident forces Lou to return home to her family, she can’t help but feel she’s right back where she started.

Her body heals, but Lou herself knows that she needs to be kick-started back to life. Which is how she ends up in a church basement with the members of the Moving On support group, who share insights, laughter, frustrations, and terrible cookies. They will also lead her to the strong, capable Sam Fielding—the paramedic, whose business is life and death, and the one man who might be able to understand her. Then a figure from Will’s past appears and hijacks all her plans, propelling her into a very different future...

For Lou Clark, life after Will Traynor means learning to fall in love again, with all the risks that brings. But here Jojo Moyes gives us two families, as real as our own, whose joys and sorrows will touch you deeply, and where both changes and surprises await.


Hey, guys!

      If you've kept up with my reviews for the past few months, you would probably remember my very emotional thoughts on Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.... Boy was that great and thought provoking book. Well, After You follows Lou Clarke after the end of Me Before You. If you haven't read Me Before You and do not want to be spoiled, then I recommend that you read Me Before You and then come back. I will tell you though, that this is an excellent book and although it's not as great as Me Before You, I think it is essential that you read this book after it. I think it ties up Lou's story really nicely. It's not like Me Before You even needed a sequel, but the nerd in me really wanted more of Lou's story. I was so torn up about the ending of Me Before You, but I really enjoy the character development in this book. Anyway, here are my thoughts on After You by Jojo Moyes. 

       Like I said before, After You follows Lou after Will's death. Lou is in a rut and she doesn't know how to be kick started back to life. She's a shell of who she was before, and she just isn't happy. A person from Will's past shows up and turns her life upside down. On top of that, she's going to a therapy group and meets Sam Fielding. The guy who saved her life after a freak accident that she had. This book follows Lou's journey after Will's death and her attempts to find herself even after she feels like her world had ended. 

      I really enjoyed this book. Jojo Moyes's writing is so beautiful and lovely to read. Even though I've only read two of her books, I feel like I'm returning to an old friend when I pick her books up. They deal with some heavy subjects, but they still feel really light and easy. I really loved the characters that Moyes added to Lou's story and I really loved the continuation of the characters in Me Before You. Lou's mom for one, wow! What a character development. I really loved how she stood up for herself and worked hard to be the amazing woman that she is. At first, I really was surprised about her sudden shift of perspective, but then I really got into her attitude and I was cracking up about how Lou's dad reacted. 

      I really did enjoy Lily's character. At first I thought she was a bit dramatic, but once I got to know her whole story I really loved her and she was really real to me. I really want a book about Lily. I want to see her grow up and thrive and find love...I also really loved Sam's character. He is such a sweet guy and I totally ship Clarke and Sam... I also really enjoyed Clarke throughout this book. Her grief was very raw and realistic and I loved how Moyes dealt with her heart ache and her healing process. 

      Jojo Moyes is about to come out with another novel and I can't wait to read it. I'm not sure if I'll read her other books. I'm not sure where to start. Comment down below your favorite Jojo Moyes book other than MBY & AY. I adore her writing, but I don't know where to start. 

Thank you Penguin for sending me a copy of this awesome book! 

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