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{Review} Biome by Ryan Galloway

Page Count: 340
To Be Published On: December 6, 2016 
Published by: Self-Published
Genre(s): Science Fiction, YA
Source: e-Book -Provided by Author 
Age Rating: 
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My Rating: 3 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Inside the gleaming domes of Mars Colony One, sixteen-year-old Lizzy Engram and her fellow cadets work to make the Red Planet habitable. They spend their days growing plants in the giant biomes, eating meals pumped out of 3D printers, and waiting for the terraforming to be complete.

And every Sunday night, the doctors erase their memories.

Week by week the procedure is carried out, and the cadets don’t suspect a thing. Until one morning, Lizzy wakes up with all of the missing memories. And not just her own, but the memories of every cadet on the planet—from her closest friend, to the boy who fell in love with her every week since landing, to the numerous cadets who’ve simply disappeared.

Now balancing the desires, fears, ideas, and secrets of the entire colony, Lizzy has six days to figure out what the doctors are hiding—and how to stop them—before they erase her memories again.

Or worse, make Lizzy the next to disappear.


Hey, guys!

I was sent an e-copy of Biome from Ryan Galloway for an honest review.

I was really excited to read this book. Unfortunately, I had a few issues when it came to structuring, content, and frankly, I wasn't too fond of the characters. 

      Biome follows Lizzy Engram who is a cadet in the Mars Colony. She and hundreds of other cadets are working nonstop in order to ensure the future colonies are able to inhabit Mars...But every Sunday night the cadet's memories are erased. One day, Lizzy wakes up with all of the missing memories. She begins a journey to discover why the memories have been uploaded into her head and to ensure the safety of the colony and the cadets who have been taking care of it. 

      This book has a very interesting premise and I really liked the concept that Ryan came up with. The beginning of the book was pretty good. It was a bit slow, but it picked up for a good chunk of time. Unfortunately, the middle of the book felt, to me, to be a bunch of filler space and I got bored really quickly and I didn't really have any connection with the characters and I found the main character to be really boring and unrelatable. Her whole attitude was really annoying and I didn't even care about what happened to her. 

Overall, the concept was really interesting and I liked the psychology aspects of it, but it the middle was really slow and boring and I didn't really care. This book caused me to get into a really nasty reading slump. 

I think that fans of science fiction and dystopian YA, then you'll really like this. I think I just read this during a time that I wasn't in the mood to read science fiction. I don't know if I'll read the sequel, but I kind of want to know how the story ends, but I don't want all of the details...I just want the bare bones....

Don't forget to check out this book when it comes out in December 2016!!!!

Happy reading, y'all!
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