Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Geek Girl: Model Misfit by Holly Smale

Page Count: 400
Published on: July 21st 2015
Published by: Harper Teen
Genre(s): Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Humor, Romance, Adventure
Source: Print: Paperback: Library
Age Rating: PG-14
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My Rating: 5 stars

Twitter: @holsmale

Goodreads synopsis:

Harriet Manners is a model.

She used to be a geek, but now she has transformed into a creature of grace and sophistication. She is completely at one with the world of fashion.

Except she’s not.

In fact, Harriet feels even less popular and more awkward now than she did when she was just a geek. So when Yuka Ito invites her to go to Japan and be the face of her new label, Harriet seizes the chance to get away.

Harriet might have to bring along her crazy grandma Bunty, and she might run into Nick, the gorgeous costar who unceremoniously dumped her two months ago. But no one is going to ruin her fabulous Tokyo summer.

Unless she accidentally ruins it herself…


Hey guys!

        So Model Misfit is the sequel to Geek Girl by Holly Smale. Geek Girl followed Harriet Manners as she was discovered by a high end modeling agency and thrown into the world of modelling. Harriet is a geek. She's proud of it. 

        Holly Smale has done it again! Harriet Manners is just as geeky and socially awkward as she was in Geek Girl. This time her step-mum is expecting and Harriet's off to Tokyo for a shoot....and she's about to show the world how clumsy she is. 

        I enjoyed this book immensely. The characters are hilarious and the whole story wasn't predictable at all. I loved that whenever Harriet got nervous she'd just spew out a random factoid and I just find that hilarious and adorable...and kind of a mix of my twin sister and I. I also loved that the short time that we had with Toby and Nat are still absolutely hilarious and adorable. Aunt BUNTY! Holy cow! She's so hilarious! These characters are so cute! I'm obsessed!

        While Harriet is in Tokyo, she's completely on her own in a new place, a new culture, new people, and a whole lot of awkward. She's very out of her league when it comes to modelling While she is in Japan, Harriet struggles with her modeling career and with a very frustrating boy. Geez, y'all just need to read this book it's so perfect. Throughout this whole book, you won't see the plot twists that are going to happen. 

 If you loved Geek Girl, then Model Misfit is a MUST READ!!!!

I wish I could say I wrote a review on Geek Girl, but I haven't. When I read it in March. It was one of the months that I didn't write a review of every book that I had read that month. I gave Geek Girl a rating of 5 stars....You will love them!

If You Like _____ Then You Will Love Model Misfit!
Those 4 books are hilarious romantic-comedy contemporaries. You should definitely check them out. 

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