Tuesday, March 7, 2017

[Guest Review: Review by Cheryl] Striking Terror by Denis Lipman

Page Count: 320 Published on: October 15, 2016 Published by: Piscataqua Press Genre(s): Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Thriller Source: Print: Paperback -via author Age Rating: YA
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Cheryl Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Micah, a teen with a talent for magic, befriends a Palestinian girl preparing for a terror attack but her change of heart changes everything. Now Micah must use every trick up his sleeve to stay ahead of a vengeful brother and his murderous gang-not only to save his friend's life but to thwart a deadly plot to engulf the West in the explosive cauldron that is today's Middle East.


      Well, Olivia's Mamaw is back. I volunteered to do a review for her since school keeps her pretty busy. And Mamaw actually enjoyed it. 

      The book, Striking Terror, by Denis Lipman, is a YA novel that speaks to young and old. The story could be taken right from the pages of the news stories, but the characters are what I found interesting

      The main two characters, Micah and Shireen, are young teens who find themselves embroiled in the danger and cultural whirlpool of life in modern day Jerusalem. At first, I was a bit skeptical of the situations in which they found themselves. In retrospect, however, knowing the teen penchant for reacting on emotional impulses, I see them as plausible responses. 

      The writing was good and the story interesting from page one to the end. This could well be a set-up for a series of adventures.

      I would recommend Striking Terror to readers of any age who love excitement and foreign locales. I am giving it a four-star review. Some might give it five, but I'm Mamaw, and I'm rather stingy with my stars.

Good reading, all
Mamaw Cheryl

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