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{Q&A/Review With Bailey} Jorie & the Magic Stones by A.H. Richardson [#BaileyTheBookNerd]


Page Count: 268
Published on: December 26, 2014
Published by: Serano Press
Genre(s): Fantasy, Children's, Middle Grade
Source: Print: Paperback - from publisher
Age Rating: Middle Grade
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Bailey's Rating: 3.5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

When Marjorie went to live with her frosty maiden aunt, she couldn't imagine the adventures she would have with dragons - good and bad - and all the strange creatures that live in a mysterious land beneath the Tarn. The spunky 9-year-old redhead forges an unlikely friendship with an insecure young boy named Rufus who lives with his crusty grandfather next door. When Jorie - for that is what she prefers to be called - finds a dusty ancient book about dragons, she learns four strange words that will send the two of them into a mysterious land beneath the Tarn, riddled with enchantment and danger. Hungry for adventure, the children take the plunge, quite literally, and find themselves in the magic land of Cabrynthius. Upon meeting the good dragon, the Great Grootmonya, Jorie and Rufus are given a quest to find the three Stones of Maalog - stones of enormous power - and return them to their rightful place in Cabrynthius. Their mission is neither easy nor safe, and is peppered with perils in the form of the evil black half-dragon who rules the shadowy side of the land. They have to deal with a wicked and greedy professor, the tragic daughter of the bad dragon, caves of fire, rocky mountainous climbs, and a deadly poisonous butterfly. Jorie must rely on her wits and courage to win the day? Can she do this? Can she find all three Stones? Can she save Rufus when disaster befalls him? Can she emerge victorious? She and Rufus have some hair-raising challenges, in which they learn valuable lessons about loyalty, bravery, and friendship.


Hey, guys!

      I was asked by Sereno Press and A.H. Richardson to review Richardson's middle-grade novel Jorie and the Magic Stones, but I was sure that Bailey would enjoy it much more than I would, so I asked them if they cared if Bailey did a guest review over it and they loved the idea! So thus began the process of Bailey's reading journey for this book. When she got the book, she was so excited! She was so tickled that the package was addressed to her. 

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      Over the next couple weeks, we Bee had some issues with homework, got sick, and misbehaved like nine-year-olds do and didn't get a chance to read. As the school year soon came to a close, both of our lives were consumed by school (and work for me), so the review never got written even after she finished the book. We finally got to discuss the book and write this little review, so I hope you guys are encouraged to check the book out. Bailey enjoyed reading it and I loved hearing her thoughts about it! 


Bee's Q&A Review:

Q: What is Jorie and the Magic Stones about? Can you summarize it a bit?
A:  Um. It’s about Jorie who faces an evil dragon, some greedy creatures, caves of fire, rocky mountain trails, and a poisonous butterfly. She discovers her courage, how long she can stay, and she tests her friendship a couple times.

Q: What would you rate this book? Why?
A: probably 3.5 stars. Because I have a hard time remembering everything in the book very well.

Q: What did you like about this book? What did you dislike?
A:  I liked that they make Jorie’s name shorter because her full name is Marjorie, I liked the dragons, I liked the magic. I like any book with magic in it. I magic…I like fairies—they’re apart of magic.

Q: Are you going to continue with the series?
A:  No duh….I’m just going to say “no duh” every time because I’M CURIOUS!
(Bailey is going to be sent book 2 to review and she is so excited!)

Q: Do you have anything else to say to the people reading this?
A: I loved it and I hope other people like it too.

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Happy reading!
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