Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 DNF'd Books

Hey guys!

      I read so many really great books this year, but there were a few books that I absolutely could not finish. There are a few things that could cause me to not want to finish a book. Some of the reasons would be:

  • The writing was horrid
  • I couldn't get into it
  • The characters were two dimensional and boring or I couldn't get attached to them.
  • The dialogue was poorly written, or cheesy
  • The plot is poorly written or boring
  • Or I'm just not interested at the time, and I would read it another time
Here are the books that I couldn't get through, and why I couldn't get through them

The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow

I wrote a DNF review for this book that explains some of the reasons for its DNF status, but here are a few of the reasons why I couldn't finish it.
~The plot was nonexistant
~The characters were petty, self-absorbed, and annyoing. 
~The characters had no common sense and I couldn't stand it.
~The actions were ridiculous...14 & 15 year olds were drinking

I read the first 200 pages of this book, but I couldn't bring myself to read the rest.


Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

I read the first 3 books in the Vampire Academy, and this one was a big let down. This installment was really boring. Nothing happened within the first 70 pages, and to make sure I didn't miss anything I looked up the reviews from the book bloggers and booktubers that I trust. I eventually gave up and decided to skip the 4th and read the 5th book. I have yet to pick up the 5th.


A Moment's Worth by Lauren Lola

I don't even know what this book is about. The blurb didn't even make sense, the grammar was horrendous, and I couldn't even read it. My grandma volunteered to read it, and she read it and gave it 1 star. The writing was "convoluted and pretentious" and I would never read this book all the way through...ever.

My Grandma's Review: {click here}


Light by Karla Corona

This book has the potential to be really awesome, but Karla wrote this years before she asked me to read it. The dialogue was kind of immature and bleh. If Karla rewrote this novel and had it edited by a professional, then this book would be totally awesome.

These are the books that I DNF'd during 2015, I'm in no way completely bashing on these books. If you love these books, then that's awesome. I have my reasons of disliking these books...

Happy Reading!