Monday, April 18, 2016

{REVIEW BY BAILEY} Junie B Jones Is A Graduation Girl by Barbara Park


Page Count: 72 pages
Published on: May 8th 2001 
Published by: Random House Books for Young Readers
Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Adventure, Classics, Mystery, Realistic Fiction

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Bailey's Rating: 4 stars 

Goodreads synopsis:

It's kindergarten graduation!

All the children in Room Nine are excited when they get their bright white graduation gowns. Mrs. says to keep them in their boxes until the big day. But Junie B. Jones just can't help herself. Then—uh-oh!—an accident happens! Can Junie B. find a way to fix things? Or will graduation be a spotty dotty disaster?


Q: What is this book about? Can you summarize it a bit?
A: This one is about graduation, you can make it all how you want it to be. Because Junie B Jones accidentally spilled grape juice on her gown, and she colored big purple spots on her graduation gown. It was white so they showed out perfect...and all the rest of the class saw it when it was graduation day, and she walked outside to her parents and sneakily all the rest of the class just colored theirs the same way, because they wanted to make her happy... and actually purple was their graduation color. 

Q: What would you rate this book? Why?
A: 5 stars, it was really nice because they were nice to her and they colored the same way.

Q: What did you like about this book? What did you dislike?
A: I like this book because the class really really nice, and they were just surprising her by doing that. I didn't like when some people laughed at her then they saw her graduation gown.

Q: Are you going to continue with the series?
A: My answer is always yes, and that is not going to change.  

Q: Do you have anything else to say to the people reading this?
A: Um..uh..what was it...don't write down that! Um..I read these all in one sitting.

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