Thursday, August 20, 2015

[Review by Cheryl!] A Moment's Worth by Lauren Lola

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Published on: July 15th 2014
Published by: Lauren Lola
Genre(s): YA, Realistic Fiction
Source: eBook
Age Rating: (reading level) middle school (subject level) YA

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Cheryl's Rating: 1 star

Twitter: @akolaurenlola

Goodreads synopsis:

Is the interconnectivity of the human race more than just the fundamentals of the Chinese tale of the red thread? Is the line between what’s real and what’s not as fine as we’ve been led to believe? How do narratives intersect each other without colliding and clashing? What can be uncovered, discovered, and even learned in a short period of time?

In her debut novel, Lauren Lola presents a cast of characters as they go about life as they know it, but not always in the most usual of circumstances. Some characters will mingle amongst each other, some will never meet; some whose identities take a while to be unveiled, some are left a mystery. From a UCLA freshman getting to know her celebrity roommate, to a man who unintentionally takes the San Francisco BART to a variety of locations beyond its final stop; from a fatherless girl who believes in the stars, to a young woman who carries the burden of being human, A Moment’s Worth is guaranteed to leave eyes seeing life a little more differently than before, for those who keep their minds wide open.


Hey guys! 

Here is my grandma's review of A Moment's Worth my Lauren Lola!

        Well,  from this synopsis, to the last page of the novel, I was confused.  The wording was extremely convoluted and pretentious.  The grammar mistakes were too numerous to even try to list.  This young author has a love for writing, that can be seen in her attempts at creating interesting characters.  I wanted to like this book because I love the idea of young people joining the ranks of the great writers of the past.  I must be honest, however, if I see that there needs to be more work put into the craft.  Normally I find at least some segments of a book that stay with me.  This book, however, left me blank.  I hope the author sees in this review the sincere hope that I have for her to go back to it and at the very least edit for grammar and dialog that brings it up to a reading level that YA readers expect.


        Well...there that I had said in the review I put on Goodreads, the book was a mess, but has the potential of being something good. I hope that Lauren goes back to it and has a good grammar check. As my grandmother said, it has the potential, but needs some help. If you're an aspiring writer don't be afraid to have your work checked and double checked. Writing is half the battle...then theirs grammar haha.

Mamaw and I
Enjoy guys!