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[Discussing Classic Fairy-tales!] The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson

Page Count: 48
Published in: 1836
Published by: Multiple Publishers
Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy, Classics, Fairy-tales, European Liturature, Short Story
Source: Print: (Borrowed) Hardback
Age Rating: PG-12

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My Ratings: 5 star x2

Goodreads synopsis:

        Once there was a little mermaid who fell in love with a human boy . . . For as long as she can remember, the little mermaid has yearned for her 15th birthday, when she will finally be old enough to explore the world above the waves. For love of a handsome prince, the youngest mermaid makes a bargain with the evil sea-witch and endures great suffering in order to become human. Can she win the heart of the prince and earn her immortal soul?


Hey guys! 

       Disney's The Little Mermaid is probably in my top 3 favorite Disney movies, and I hadn't read the original story in probably years so I decided to re-read the story and compare it to Walt Disney's adaptation of it. I knew, of course, that the Disney version was legitimately different from the original, because the original fairy tales were usually really dark and quite sad. I really enjoy both of the adaptations immensely, but I kind of consider them two separate stories. Disney is beautiful and almost always has a happy ending, and the Disney movies are really great feel good movies that you could watch over and over and never get sick of (yes, even Frozen).  Sometimes you need a dark story with a good moral, and that's what Hans Christian Anderson gives you. Not to say that his stories aren't happy, because in a way they are. The endings are sometimes sad, but they're satisfactory endings that don't leave you bitter. The ending of The Little Mermaid was so sad, but I overall loved the stories the same. They both have characteristics that I love and it's hard to pick a favorite. Here are the differences between them!

  • The Little Mermaid is really quiet and actually kind of depressed after saving the prince.
  • She is 15-ish
  • She's very immature and naive
  • She longs for an immortal soul. She wants to become human so that when she dies she can go to heaven.
  • She's actually less determined than Ariel from Disney's film
  • The prince doesn't marry the little mermaid. He chooses to marry a girl that he thinks saved him from drowning. The Little Mermaid is devestated and her sisters give her the option to kill the prince and regain her mermaid form, but the Little Mermaid chooses to die and become the ocean. She then becomes t 
  • She's represented as a self-sacrificing hero
The Moral: Self sacrifice can reward you in the long run.
My Favorite Quote: "But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.”  

 The Movie:

  • This adaptation has more of a feminist approach, but to me that isn't very important.
  • The Little Mermaid has a name: Ariel. In the original story she has no name, but is just called "the little mermaid" but in both of the stories they are quite young. Ariel is 16 in the movie.
  • Ariel mainly focuses on her love for Eric and her deep longing to become human and join Eric in the human world (land). It's kind of a self-discovery story. She's trying to find her true self, whether it be a mermaid or a human. She doesn't feel like she belongs down in the ocean, so she wants to become a human. She has a collection of items that had come from the human world. She is fascinated by the human world and customs.
  • This adaptation ends with a happy ending and true loves kiss.
Moral: Dreams really do come true, and if you truly believe in your dreams they will come true.
My Favorite Quote:  

Over all there are so many similarities...the basic premise is the same, but Disney changed it up to figure in a happy ending. (These are just a few)
  • They need true loves kiss to become human.

  • They have to give up their voices to become temporarily human.

  • They fall in love with a human prince.

  • They're the youngest mermaid princess.
  • They both go to a sea witch for help.

  • They give up being a mermaid to be human.

       If you've never seen the film I highly reccomend it. It's by far one of my favorite films ever made. It's so beautifully made. The animation is flawless, the music is flawless, the story is beautiful, and the happy ending is so emotional and gahh so beautiful. 

Here are some of my favorite GIFs from The Little Mermaid film.

Which do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy guys!