Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One Year of Liv the Book Nerd!

Hey guys!

      Today marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of my blog, Liv the Book Nerd. Writing on this blog has been such a blessing, and I love sharing my thoughts and opinions on books. I cannot believe that it's been a year! This feels so surreal. I started this blog for selfish reasons and a bit of dread. I didn't enjoy writing as much as I do now. After a year of reading and writing, I absolutely adore it. I've gotten to the point now where I really enjoy myself, and I'm looking forward to writing my butt off. 

      I have a few goals that I would like to accomplish before this time next year. I would love to eventually post everyday, but with school and life getting in the way, I do not think that will happen until I am out of college, and maybe a year into the job that I take. That could take about five to six years, and I hope that someday I could, but for the next year my goals are to:

  1. Post at least 2-3 times a week
  2. Post a review for every book that I read
  3. Start a BookTube channel to discuss bookish stuff
  4. Achieve in getting 10,000 page views 
  5. Read every book on my TBR
I will most likely come up with more goals throughout the year, but until then, those are my five goals. I hope you all have been enjoying my reviews and my posts so far. 

Thank you again for your support and for reading my little blog. It means the world to me.

Happy reading!

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