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[Q&A/ Review by Bailey] A Magical Friend (Princess Ponies #1) by Chloe Ryder

Page Count: 105
Published on: March 1, 2013
Published by: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Genre(s): Children's, Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Coming of Age
Source: Print: Paperback
Age Rating: PG {ages 5-9}
Where To Find It: Goodreads // Amazon 

Bailey's Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

'Rainbow Magic' meets 'My Little Pony'. Be transported to the enchanted island of Equestria for princesses, ponies, and magical adventure in an irresistible new mega-series for young readers.


Hey guys! 

Bailey came up to me after school the other day and told me she wanted to do another review because she had just finished this magic pony book that she really liked. I'm so happy to let her do this kind of stuff. She's in the second grade and she's reading at a fifth grade level. I'm a proud sister. So without further ado, here's Bailey's review of A Magical Friend by Chloe Ryder


Q: What is A Magical Friend about? Can you summarize it a bit?
A: It's about all of the golden horseshoes that get taken away, and they get hidden. There's a girl named Pippa who helps find all the golden horseshoes.

Q: What would you rate this book? Why?
A: 5 stars because it was really good. Because they finally get to find one of the horseshoes and then that's just the end of the book.

Q: What did you like about this book? Dislike?
A: I really liked how Pippa's name means lover of ponies because that is why she could hear the horses and she got to ride a big pink seahorse across the sea and she got to Chevalia.
I didn't not like anything.

Q: Are you going to continue with the series?
A: YES! 

Q: Do you have anything else to say to the people reading this?
A: Do you like giraffes?

OK...Comment down below if y'all like giraffes...Bailey wants to know.

Olivia & Bailey
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