Tuesday, July 17, 2018

{Tag} Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag


1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2018.

I couldn't just pick one book for this category! Of course, A Court of Frost & Starlight is my #1, but I've already read so many books that have quickly become my new favorites.

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas


Special Mentions

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills
Geekerella by Ashley Poston
Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf
The Forest Queen by Betsy Cornwell

Image result for the cruel princeImage result for foolish hearts
Image result for geekerellaImage result for bring me their hearts cover
Image result for the forest queen betsy cornwell cover

2. Best sequel you've read so far in 2018.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

3. New release you haven't read yet, but want to.
  • Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi
  • Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  • Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
  • The Spring Girls by Anna Todd
Image result for restore meImage result for children of blood and bone
Image result for spinning silverImage result for the spring girls

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.
  • Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas
  • West by Edith Pattou
  • Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas
Image result for kingdom of ash sarah j maasImage result for west edith pattou29749098

5. Biggest disappointment.
  • That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston
  • Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge
  • Confess by Colleen Hoover

Image result for that inevitable victorian thingImage result for confess colleen hooverImage result for cruel beauty by rosamund hodge

6. Biggest surprise.
  • November 9 by Colleen Hoover
  • Algedonic by R.H. Sin
Image result for november 9 coverImage result for algedonic

7. Favorite new author. (Debut or new to you)
  • Ashley Poston
    • Ashley's Geekerella really blew me out of the water. I cannot wait to read her other novel, Heart of Iron!
8. Newest fictional crush.
  • Lucien d'Malvane - Bring Me Their Hearts
  • Gideon - Foolish Hearts
9. Newest favorite character.
  • Yrene Towers - Tower of Dawn
  • Jude - The Cruel Prince
  • Prince Cardan - The Cruel Prince
10. Book that made you cry.
  • The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang
  • A Court of Frost & Starlight by Sarah J. Maas
31076583Image result for the prince and the dressmaker

11. Book that made you happy.
  • A Court of Frost & Starlight by Sarah J. Maas
  • The Forest Queen by Betsy Cornwell
  • Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills
Image result for the forest queen betsy cornwell cover31076583Image result for foolish hearts

12. Most beautiful book you've bought so far this year (or received)
  • A Court of Frost & Starlight by Sarah J. Maas
  • Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf
  • (B&N edition) The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  • Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?
  • Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  • Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi
  • Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas
  • Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas
  • Save the Date by Morgan Matson
  • Vicious and Vengeful by V.E. Schwab
  • A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
  • All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

So far this year has already been such a good reading experience. I've definitely learned from my reading habits of last year. I've managed to only DNF one book, and I've also been learning and accpeting that I do not have to read all that is expected of me. Sometimes they just aren't for me and that's okay! For the rest of the year, I'm going to continue dedicating my time to books I actually want to read.

Which books have you enjoyed the most this year?

Happy reading!
Olivia ~Liv the Book Nerd~
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Saturday, July 14, 2018

{Read-a-Thon TBR} Summer '18 Biannual Bibliothon

Hey, guys!

This next week I plan on reading a ton! Starting today I will be reading for the Biannual Bibliothon. This round of Bibib has some amazing reading challenges that I'm excited to take part in. 

Biannual Bibliothon

Follow the Bibib Crew!
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1. Group book: THE WICKED DEEP
2. Choose from someone else’s TBR (suggested by @LizzardReads)
3. Try the first chapter of 3 books and pick 1
4. Read a book that has been on your TBR for over a year (suggested by @Swizzlemonster1)
5. Read a predicted 5 star read (suggested by @Shannon23xo)
6. Own voices - different than YOU
7. Read the last book you bought (suggested by @MyBookBehaviour)
Here are the books I've picked and the challenges they correspond with!

Challenge 1: The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw:
I'm still trying to find a copy of this book without purchasing it. I do not currently have a car, so I'm trying not to bug anyone to run me to the library to nab it. So far my audio/ebook search is failing. 

Challenge 2: Kidnapped for His Royal Duty by Jane Porter
Alex and I picked this up for $4 the other day and we thought it'd be funny to read sometime. We're hoping to read this in a couple hours on Sunday. I'll keep you guys updated on Instagram. 

Challenge 3: 
1. The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokski (not pictured)
2. Paper Princess by Erin Watt
3. Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat
Okay, I decided to start this challenge around 1am last night and I decided to read the first chapter of Captive Prince first. Y’all, I was hooked. Now this challenge is all out of whack. I know I want to give Paper Princess a go, so that is why it is still on my TBR. I’ve decided that I’m going to wait to read The Star Touched Queen until a different time. So, I’m probably failing this challenge, but I’m hopefully going to read a lot this week. I could finish Captive Prince today.

Challenge 4: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
Alex and I are planning on reading V.E. Schwab’s Vicious during our short trip to Seattle, Washington. I’ve had ADSOM on my TBR for the longest time, so I’ve decided to try to read this lovely book during the readathon. This is one of the books that I think I’ll be reading for a time, so I may save it for last. I know I’m going to also try to buddy read it with a few girls from my Tome Topple buddy read group as well.

Challenge 5: Save the Date by Morgan Matson
This is also my book club’s book of the month. I’m so excited to read this book. I’m in a major romance/contemporary mood so this is the absolute perfect time to read it.

Challenge 6: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and Mattias Ripa
This lovely graphic novel was recommended to me by Mallory and I’m very excited to read this book. I’m really excited to get into this book.

Challenge 7: The Ancient Magus Bride Volume 1 by Kore Yamazaki

I picked this up on my last trip to Half Priced Books with Alex. I’m currently watching this anime series online and I’m really enjoying it. I’m excited to see how the books differ from the anime and vise versa. Manga novels are always a blast to read. 

I will be doing mini vlogs on my Instagram stories. I'm going to keep those videos and pictures in my Read-A-Thon highlights. Keep an eye out for those!

Happy reading, guys!

~Liv the Book Nerd~

Friday, July 13, 2018

{Review} We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Page Count: 52
Published on: July 29, 2014
Published by: Vintage
Genre(s): Nonfiction, Feminism, Essay
Source: Paperback - borrowed from my friend Martha
Age Rating: all ages! THIS IS IMPORTANT
Where To Find ItGoodreads // Amazon
Book Depository: {click here}

My Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

What does “feminism” mean today? That is the question at the heart of We Should All Be Feminists, a personal, eloquently-argued essay—adapted from her much-viewed TEDx talk of the same name—by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the award-winning author of Americanah and Half of a Yellow Sun. 

With humor and levity, here Adichie offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century—one rooted in inclusion and awareness. She shines a light not only on blatant discrimination, but also the more insidious, institutional behaviors that marginalize women around the world, in order to help readers of all walks of life better understand the often masked realities of sexual politics. Throughout, she draws extensively on her own experiences—in the U.S., in her native Nigeria, and abroad—offering an artfully nuanced explanation of why the gender divide is harmful for women and men, alike. 

Argued in the same observant, witty and clever prose that has made Adichie a bestselling novelist, here is one remarkable author’s exploration of what it means to be a woman today—and an of-the-moment rallying cry for why we should all be feminists.


Hey, guys!

    I borrowed this lovely book from my friend Martha. She and I have awesome conversations about feminism and women's rights and other important topics...like our dogs. Anyway, shout-out to Martha for being lovely and letting me borrow her copy of this book. 

     We Should All Be Feminists is a short essay and a speech that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote and presented which is centered around feminism and how it is impactful in a twenty-first century society. Her speech centers around her own experiences and personal understandings about feminism. She emphasizes the importance of feminism and the understanding of feminism for all ages, but especially the young people of today. She ends her essay with a rallying cry for collective understanding and awareness for why everyone should be a feminist. 

     I really adored this small book. I'm definitely going to be acquiring a copy for myself in the future. Though most things were pretty obvious to me, as a feminist, I felt like her connections to her own life and the Nigerian culture were absolutely brilliant and so impactful. Her experiences and examples that she used were very engaging and insightful. I really appreciated that she did not just focus on the negative aspects of masculinity but addresses the biases that we as a culture have developed because of the differences that we share - specifically because of our biological make up. 

    This book is an excellent introduction to modern feminism. I'm so excited to share this with my family, especially my younger sister. I think it is important to realize how many stereotypes we have internalized and how they influence how we interact with one another. 

Let's be kind guys. Let's love one another. 
~Liv the Book Nerd~
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

{Unpopular Opinion} Why I Will Not Be Finishing The Mortal Instruments Series

Image result for the mortal instruments books

Hey, guys! 

      If you've been an avid young adult reader for long, you've probably heard of The Mortal Instruments series. The Mortal Instruments is a series of six fantasy YA novels by Cassie Clare. The series follows Clary Fray who discovers that she is a part of the Nephilim (half-angel) people called Shadowhunters. She is thrust into a world full of dark forces and strange creatures that she only thought were a part of fairy stories. Shadowhunters protect the mundane world from the dark forces that are infiltrating the world. 

     The Mortal Instruments series is one of the most popular series in the young adult genre, however, I've always struggled to push myself to give it a chance. While I do enjoy the paranormal and urban fantasy genres, there's always been something that's held me back from continuing on with this series. 

      Back in the late 2000s and the early 2010s, I remember reading City of Bones and enjoying it...but not enough to actively wait for each installment of the series. Fast forward to 2016 and I still have not caught up on the Mortal Instruments...but, I want to! I managed to acquire all six of the books in the series. Of course, I had to read them all and catch up to read Lady Midnight! Of course, I had to! So I read the first two books. City of Bones was quite enjoyable. I'd have to say it was 4 stars. My review from 2017 probably says otherwise, but it's a 4-star book now. City of Ashes was a 3-star book. I honestly did not like it as much. Fast forward to December 2016 when I try to start City of Glass. I get 45% into the book, I get bored, I set it down for 3 months, read 5% more, and then it sits on my currently reading stack...for over a year! 

      Yeah. There is no way that I'm going to force myself to continue this series. If I can just neglect to finish a book for over a year without any regret, then I'm not going to force myself to even continue this series. I'm just not interested anymore. I just do not like the characters or the writing style anymore. Clary is so freaking annoying, the angst between Clary and Jace is just gross to me, and I really do not care about anyone. Maybe I care about Magnus, but that is about it. I do not think I'll ever read the Bane Chronicles so, I just do not care. 

      I know this sounds a bit harsh. If you love these books then more power to you. They are just not for me. I'm sure that the good majority of people really enjoy these books. The main reason I was going to continue this series was that I valued the opinions of my favorite bloggers, reviewers, booktubers, and bookstagrammer that adore these books; however, I just won't force it. If I'm not enjoying them, I'm not going to risk the unhappiness, the grumpiness, and the reading slump that will ensue if I force myself to read them. 

This decision is just something that I've been mulling over for quite some time. If you don't like this decision...you'll have to suck it up. Sorry. You can read them for me.☺️

So, yeah. I was bored. So I'm not going to force it. Oh well. The world is still turning. I have lots of other books on my TBR to try to read too. 

Happy reading, everyone!
Thanks for reading!
~Liv the Book Nerd~
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Thursday, July 5, 2018

{Comic Series Review // GN Reviews #6-11} The Runaways #1-6 by Rainbow Rowell & Kris Anka


Page Count: (collectively 130 pages) 18, 28, 20, 22, 21, & 21 pages
Published on: these comics have been published individually starting in September 2017 up to February 2018. There are more single issues in the works and the series will continue for some time. 
Published by: Marvel
Genre(s): Comics, Sequential Art, Superheroes, Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult, Graphic Novels
Source: paperback - personally purchased in single issue form
Age Rating: marketed as YA, but everyone will love it
Where To Find ItGoodreads 

My Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads synopsis: 

GET READY TO RUN! The "IT" book of the early 2000s with the original cast is back – Nico! Karolina! Molly! Chase! Old Lace! And, could it be? GERT?! The heart of the Runaways died years ago, but you won't believe how she returns! Superstar author Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park, Carry On) makes her Marvel debut with fan-favorite artist Kris Anka (ALL-NEW X-MEN, CAPTAIN MARVEL) in the series that will shock you and break your heart!


Hey, guys!

Back in December, my boyfriend and I decided to start the new Marvel show, Runaways, on Hulu. We automatically were hooked to the awesome story that was being told. Because of this, we had a genuine interest in reading the comics and fully understanding the original Runaways storyline. Soon after Christmas, we went book shopping and managed to be sucked into the comics and graphic novel section of our local Books-A-Million. We actually managed to find the first few single issues of the newest Runaways comic series by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka. I was, personally, hooked. Since December, I've read a few more of the single issues that have been put out and I've picked up the first two massive volumes of Brian K. Vaughan's adaptation of the Runaways.

     I'm not going to individually review every single volume of this series, but I'm just going to say that I absolutely love it. Kris Anka has perfectly captured the essence of the Runaways and Rainbow Rowell has, once again, stolen my heart with her writing. She is a beautiful wordsmith from above. I just love basically everything she writes. I cannot wait to continue on with this awesome story. I wish I had money to buy all of the rest of the single issues, and the larger compiled volumes, and the eventual massive ultra volume bind-ups. I'm that extra. 

I highly recommend this series if you love Marvel, kids with superpowers, and action-packed stories. 

Happy reading!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

{Graphic Novels/Comics/Picture Books 2018} #1-5

Hey, guys! 

    It's already July and I've already read so many more graphic novels and comics than I anticipated. I've probably read 3 times more comics/graphic novels/picture books than the past two years combined (Don't check my math on that. I'm just guessing.). I'm going to continue on with this sort of mass review strategy just to continue sharing my thoughts on these books. They've ended up being about one third to a half of what I've read this year, so I ought not to be lazy about reviewing them. I won't go too into depth when it comes to talking about them, but I did want to dedicate some blog-space to them. 

    In the past couple of years, I would compile my thoughts in one long blog post and share my thoughts, but I've already read 30 books like these

#1. Lumberjanes Volume 2: Friendship to the Max! by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, Maarta Laiho, and Brook A. Allen

24886016Page Count: 126
Published by: Boom! Box
Published on: October 13, 2015
Where To Find It: Goodreads // Amazon // Book Depository

My Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley are not your average campers and Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady-Types is not your average summer camp. Between the river monsters, magic, and the art of friendship bracelets, this summer is only just beginning. Join the Lumberjanes as they take on raptors and a sibling rivalry that only myths are made of.

This New York Times bestseller and Eisner Award-nominated series is written by awesome all-star Noelle Stevenson and brilliant newcomer Grace Ellis, and illustrated by the tremendously talented Brooke Allen.

Lumberjanes, Vol. 2: Friendship to the Max includes issues 5-8 and the first fourteen pages of Giant Days, Vol. 1 by John Allison.


This is a really cute addition to the Lumberjanes series. I'm really enjoying getting to know each of the girls and learning more about their camp and going on more adventures. I really love how their friendship is portrayed and how their characters begin to develop.


#2. Lumberjanes Volume 3: A Terrible Plan by Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Carolyn Nowak, Maarta Laiho, Aubrey Aiese, Brittney Williams, Aimee Fleck, Faith Erin Hicks, Rebecca Tobin, Felicia Choo, and T. Zysk

25088157Page Count: 126
Published by: Boom! Box
Published on: April 5, 2016
Where To Find It: Goodreads// Amazon // Book Depository

My Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads synopsis:


Trying to take advantage of the first quiet day at camp in a while, Mal and Molly's date takes a bizarre turn with the appearance of the Bear Woman! Back at camp, Jo, April, and Ripley must stay on their toes as they try and earn every badge possible, which ends up being a lot harder than any of them ever planned.

This New York Times bestselling series continues with Lumberjanes #9, "If You Got It, Haunt It Badge;" #10, "Abscence Make the Heart Grow Fondant Badge;" #11, "Go Ball-istic Badge;" and #12, "Oldie but Goodie Badge."


Another adorable addition to the Lumberjanes series. The world that Stevenson and her comrades are creating is very interesting. I adore the mythological bits that they are adding and more depth for the characters. However, I did not enjoy the change in art style. It really changed up the tone of the story, which slowed down the regularly fast-paced story. 


#3. Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy (#1-6) by Chynna Clungston Flores, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Maddi Gonzalez, and Whitney Cogar

Page Count: 160
Published by: Boom! Box
Published on: March 7, 2017
Where To Find It: Goodreads // Amazon // Book Depository

My Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

The Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy kids team up!


When a teacher at Gotham Academy goes missing, it’s up to Olive, Maps, Colton, Pom, and Kyle to figure out what is happening and how to get her back. With only an outdated birthday invitation as the clue, they find themselves in the middle of the woods with no idea of where to start. With the sudden appearance of the Lumberjanes—April, Jo, Mal, Molly, Ripley and Jen—who are on the hunt for their missing Camp Director, all clues point to an abandoned cabin with more secrets than cobwebs.

BOOM! Studios and DC Comics team up to bring together Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy for the ultimate friendship-fueled crossover event. Written by Chynna Clugston Flores (Blue Monday), and illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell (Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me) and Maddi Gonzalez, this is a running-for-your-life-from-skeletal-monsters mystery that leads to lifelong friendship!  


I'm quite familiar with the characters in the Lumberjanes series, but I had never read any of the Gotham Academy comics. I thought this was a really fun series of comics. I really enjoyed how their characters interacted and the story was just super fun. The art styles were really nicely done and I really enjoyed the colors and themes that were prevalent throughout the comic compilation. 


#4. Sex Criminals Volume #1: One Weird Trick by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky


Page Count: 160
Published by: Image Comics
Published on: March 7, 2017
Where To Find It: Goodreads // Amazon // Book Depository

My Rating: 3.5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Suzie’s just a regular gal with an irregular gift: when she has sex, she stops time. One day she meets Jon and it turns out he has the same ability. And sooner or later they get around to using their gifts to do what we’d ALL do: rob a couple banks. A bawdy and brazen sex comedy for comics begins here!

Collecting: 1-6


This was a pretty fun and intriguing beginning to the Sex Criminals series. While it isn't my favorite graphic novel series, it's fairly entertaining. I'm not the biggest fan of the characters, but the art and the humor quite fun. The premise, itself, was really fun; but overall it wasn't my favorite.

Page Count: 128
Published by: Image Comics
Published on: March 7, 2017
Where To Find It: Goodreads // Amazon // Book Depository

My Rating: 3 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

The second storyline from the Eisner Award winning Sex Criminals finds the honeymoon to be over for Jon and Suzie. Once the thrill of new lust fades, where do you go? Come along and laff and love with Matt and Chip as they brimp back ceaselessly against the past.

CollectingSex Criminals 6-10


Overall, this addition to the Sex Criminals series wasn't as good as the first. While it was fairly entertaining, the pacing was much slower than the first. I do not think I will actively continue this series any time soon. 

Happy reading!