Tuesday, April 2, 2019

{Author Guest Post} Writing & Publishing: Molly E. Lee's Journey to Publishing "Ask Me Anything"

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I'm so excited to share a lovely post from Molly E. Lee about her thoughts on publishing and her writing process as she wrote Ask Me Anything. I'm so excited for her book, so I hope you enjoy Molly's thoughts about this topic. 

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      There are many types of writing processes and the way they are published. Several authors, like myself, are hybrid (we both have experience in traditional publishing and self-publishing) and are able to see both sides of the business. For me personally, it depends on the book to determine how my writing process will go. Sometimes, if I’m under a hard deadline, I have to pull ten hour days with nothing but me and the words on the page. Other times, when I have a bit more time to turn in the story, I take my time and space out my writing into little chunks each day.

      For Ask Me Anything it was an incredible process that took me an entire year from conception to receiving the final document ready to be sent to the printer. I still get chills thinking about it being out of my hands now. After working on something for so many months of my life…it’s extremely hard to let it go. I’m equally excited and terrified for it to hit the shelves and be in readers’ hands. This book (as all of my books) is extremely important to me. I fell in love with the characters and the circumstances they’re set in. Both Amber and Dean are seriously skilled hackers and I spent a great deal of my time researching the culture. I’m lucky enough to have a secret source who helped me keep every detail, no matter how small, authentic as possible. There is always a great deal of research when writing any given book, but this one was by far the one I had to do the most on. There is an entire culture of incredibly talented people that my characters are representing and I shaped each line with them in mind.

      We’re now mere weeks from release and it’s both exciting and emotional. Ask Me Anything has been my main priority as an author for a year and now that it is finished, I’m wicked proud of the work and hope it will resonate with readers as much as it did for me while writing it. Stacy Abrams, my editor, and I worked hard to push the characters and the difficult situations they find themselves in. There are some hot-button topics that are discussed through Amber’s blog—where teens write in anonymously for advice—and it was wonderfully freeing to be able to touch on each one solely from the perspective of Amber’s character. My editor could’ve told me to shy away from some of the topics, but she didn’t, and I believe the strength in Amber’s character to not fear any question from any person who needs help is what makes the book so important to me. That and Dean is pretty swoon-worthy, too. 😉

      I’m so grateful you had me over today to chat! I hope you’ll enjoy Ask Me Anything when it releases on May 7th! Be sure to check out the EPIC giveaway I’m hosting in celebration of its release! Spoiler alert—there is a laptop up grabs!!!   



I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

But Wilmont Academy’s been living in the Dark Ages when it comes to sex ed, and someone had to take matters into her own hands. Well, I’m a kick-ass coder, so I created a totally anonymous, totally untraceable blog where teens can come to get real, honest, nothing-is-off-limits sex advice.

And holy hell, the site went viral—and we’re talking way beyond Wilmont—overnight. Who knew this town was so hard up?

Except now the school administration is trying to shut me down, and they’ve forced Dean—my coding crush, aka the hottest guy in school—to try to uncover who I am. If he discovers my secret, I’ll lose him forever. And thousands of teens who need real advice won’t have anyone to turn to.

Ask me anything…except how to make things right.
Page count: 320 pages
Publisher: Entangled Teen

Publication Date: May 7, 2019

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