Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday [#10]: Favorite Fandoms

Hey guys!

      It's that time again! It's Top 5 Wednesday! This week I'm going to be discussing my Top 5 Favorite Fandoms...Well, honestly guys, I couldn't narrow my lovely fandoms down to 5. I've decided to choose my top 5 fandoms that are bookish (from books, TV shows, or movies), and my favorite TV show fandoms. I'm separating my TV show fandoms into two categories: animated and IRL-ish. Here are my fandoms!

Book-ish Fandoms:

1. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling*

    • This series is just my all time favorite series. I've been reading and rereading it for almost 9 years now. It's a huge part of my life, and it's basically shaped my reading tastes, and I cannot thank JK Rowling enough for creating and writing these books
2. The Selection series by Kiera Cass

    • This is one of my other favorite series. The writing is just fantastic, and the characters are so hilarious and I cannot get enough of them. These books are so addicting....
3. The Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan
    • How does one cohesively describe my love for this series. It's so hard for me to describe how and why I love Uncle Rick's writing. He's just an absolute master of the written word. I cannot wait to read everything he has coming out this year...I can't even.
4. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins*

    • Again, words cannot describe how much I love this series. Most of my thoughts are attempted to be explained in my series review :)
5. The Shatter Me trilogy by Tehereh Mafi

    • Holy cow. Tehereh's writing is so beautiful. I cannot handle how amazing her books are. The Shatter Me trilogy kept me at the edge of my seat, anticipating every word. Tehereh is a fantastic writer.

TV Shows:

    • Animated: 
      • 1) Steven Universe
      • 2) Avatar: The Last Airbender
      • 3) Ouran High School Host Club
      • 4) Gravity Falls
      • 5) Adventure Time
    • IRL-ish
      • 1) Doctor Who
      • 2) Sherlock
      • 3) Once Upon A Time
      • 4) Big Bang Theory
      • 5) Castle OR Young & Hungry (tied)
      I'm sure that I love more shows than that, but these are the first ones that came to mind. I have a wide variety of shows that I love, but the majority are fantasy based or have a fantastical premise. I'm addicted to some shows, and I could binge them all day; but at the end of the day, my bookish fandoms trump them all. I highly recommend these books and shows, and if any of the book have movies (marked with *), then I recommend those too....Except the Percy Jackson movies. They suck. The fandom does not speak of them unless warning newbies not to watch them because they are complete and utter rubbish. Even Uncle Rick knows that they are awful (see tweets). 

Anyway, I hope y'all liked this addition to Top 5 Wednesday! Happy reading! Keep warm. 

Love you all!