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{Q&A/Review With Bailey}The Hostile Hospital (The Series of Unfortunate Events #8) by Lemony Snicket


Page Count: 255
Published on: January 1, 2001
Published by: HarperCollins
Genre(s): Fiction, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mystery
Source: Print: Hardback
Age Rating: Middle Grade
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Bailey's Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Dear Reader,

Before you throw this awful book to the ground and run as far away from it as possible, you should probably know why. This book is the only one which describes every last detail of the Baudelaire children's miserable stay at Heimlich Hospital, which makes it one of the most dreadful books in the world.

There are many pleasant things to read about, but this book contains none of them. Within its pages are such burdensome details as a suspicious shopkeeper, unnecessary surgery, an intercom system, anaesthesia, heart-shaped balloons, and some very startling news about a fire. Clearly you do not want to read about such things.

I have sworn to research this story, and to write it down as best I can, so I should know that this book is something best left on the ground, where you undoubtedly found it.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket


      Bailey has been obsessively reading The Series of Unfortunate Events (out of order most of the time, but she doesn't care. She just reads and reads) and watching and rewatching the first season of the show. I have been soooo busy with finals and preparations for finals, but I figured that Bailey has been wanting to review TSoUE for the longest time. She decided that she wanted to review her favorite book from the series. So here are some of her thoughts on the book. She's planning on reviewing all of the books this summer (mainly because I'm so busy at the moment), so keep an eye out for that!

Q: What is The Hostile Hospital about? Can you summarize it a bit?
A: Violet has an unnecessary surgery and they have to do it in front of a huge crowd or they it won't be seen as an accident. They're still running from Count Olaf. Count Olaf disguises his name with an anagram.  

Q: What would you rate this book? Why?
A: 5 stars. Because it's a great book. I like how they use alphabet soup to figure out the anagram for Violet's name. 

Q: What did you like about this book? What did you dislike?
A: I liked that in the middle when they were going to give Violet the surgery Klaus and Sunny disguised themselves as doctors and Count Olaf's associates (hook hand and long nose) they thought Klaus and Sunny were the powder face women who work for Count Olaf. 

Q: Are you going to continue with the series?
A: No duh. I've already finished all the books.

Q: Do you have anything else to say to the people reading this?
A: I have one thing to say to the author! Stop telling the readers to put down their books!
I do recommend this book to the people.

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