Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Real Neat Blog Award!

real neat blog award
Hey, guys!

The lovely Carlisa from Confessions of Carlisa for this award a few days ago, and I was so surprised to be nominated. Thank you Carlisa for tagging and nominating me! Don't forget to check out her awesome blog! She writes some really lovely reviews and produces some really awesome content!

Here are the rules:

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. (DONE!)
2. Answer the seven questions.
3. Frame seven questions for your nominees.
4. Nominate seven deserving bloggers for the award.

1. Would you rather be a princess or a pirate? Why?!
To be honest, I would love to be a princess. Not one of those prissy and lazy princesses, but I would really love to be one of those active princesses who secretly train to become a knight (or just have the skills to protect herself). Basically, I want to be a badass princess.

2. Let’s continue with the royalty bit for a second: Where would you put your castle if you had one? Mountains, desert, coast, space, etc?! The sky’s the limit for answers on this one!
The coast actually sounds really great right now. I love the ocean, and because I live in Indiana, I don't get to go to the ocean often. I've been missing the ocean for a while now, so I really want to go again... The ocean is so beautiful and peaceful. 
3. What is a decorative feature of your castle? A lava moat? Peacocks in abundance? Singing mermaids? I WANT A FANTASTICAL IMAGE EVOKED.
Oh man! That is so hard! I actually love the idea of mermaids, but I also really like the idea of a huge and beautiful garden full of enormous flowers and plants. I imagine really cool gazebos and beautiful areas to read and chill...I'll also have a huge library in my castle.

4. Okay, so based on where you put your castle in question 2, who (or what) is your sidekick?
My sidekick? Well, I'm by the ocean..The first thing that comes to mind is Flounder from The Little Mermaid...but that wouldn't work! Um...maybe a turtle? 

5. You’re the hero of the story (this can be an entirely new story or the same one as the previous three questions). Who is the villain you defeated and how did you defeat it?
Oooh, the villain? Hmm. I would love to defeat an evil wizard who is trying to steal magical texts from my massive library. H
e's a young wizard who is possessed by an evil ghost who is trying to get revenge on my magical mother who saved the kingdom with her amazing kindness and intelligence and badassery.

6. Referencing the same story as #5. Are you involved in the loveliest of romances or are you fighting the most epic of battles?
Maybe, but it would depend on the kingdom's political situation. If the wizard/evil ghost has screwed up my kingdom, then I don't have time for a guy until I fix it.

7. OH NO THERE IS A TEENY-TINY ASTEROID ZOOMING TOWARDS EARTH AND IT IS HEADED STRAIGHT FOR YOUR HOUSE. Luckily all your valuables/loved ones/pets are safe in the front yard. YOUR BOOKS ARE NOT. Hurry and grab the ones that mean the most to you!! What did you grab?
Shoot! Why? Oh no! Uhhh...I'd have to pick my Harry Potter books, Fangirl, The Selection series, and A Court of Thorns & Roses and A Court of Mist & Fury....

So those are the questions! 

I nominate:
~Maddie and Bee of Heart Full Of Books!
~Jessica and Stacy of Chapter Chicks!
~Chelsie of Book Addiction 101!
~Sophie from Seamless Reader
~Kristina from Gone Pecan

Thanks again for tagging me Carlisa! Ummm...If you were tagged, then you can answer the same questions, because these questions were really fun and I'm really lazy and uninspired right now. :D

Happy reading everyone!
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