Saturday, July 2, 2016

LivTheBookClub Book of the Month Announcement!

Hey guys!

      I'm not sure if you knew, but I've had a Goodreads book club group for quite a while labeled "LivTheBookNerdBookClub" (Now called "LivTheBookClub") which I planned on using for monthly read-a-longs. Well, long story short, life got in the way and it wasn't my top priority. My friends and I have been planning on buddy reading at least 3 books, so we decided to start up the book club again! I'm really excited to share this with you all and I hope you all join us to read Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo this month! 

I have already announced the BOTM on Goodreads, but here it is anyway, just in case you are unable to see it:


Hey, guys!

So I know this is really short notice, but I've been wanting to do this for a while. This next month, July, we will be reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Julia and I have been meaning to read this book for quite a while and we decided that it be really cool to read it with the LivTheBookClub. I've added Julia to the Moderator list, so welcome her with open arms! Welcome to the moderator club, Juju! ;)

There are no deadlines, so don't worry! There will be discussion spaces, however, for those who would like to discuss specific bits of the book. This is a precaution for those who do not want to be spoiled while they read. :)

Anyway, since we are reading Six of Crows during the next few weeks, we will have a live show at the end of the month to discuss the book. I will be announcing the date and time later this month.

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Happy reading everyone!


Since that update has gone up, Courtney has also been added to the moderator list, so welcome her as well! Courtney has reviewed a couple books on here as well so check out those reviews! 
We're so excited to read and discuss this lovely book with you all! If you have any questions, then you can message me on Twitter or Goodreads. 

We will be discussing the book throughout the month. There are different discussion folders for different sections of the book, so that y'all can discuss the book in segments. It's broken up in sections so that y'all can discuss the book without the risk of spoilers. 

There are no deadlines, so don't worry about that either! We will be hosting a live show at the end of the month (Date to be determined. Keep an eye on our Twitters!)

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Happy reading everyone!
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