Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday {#19}: Favorite Bookstagrams (Book-ish Instagrams)

Hey, guys!

    If you haven't followed my blog for long, then you wouldn't know about my Bookstagram account! Bookstagram is basically the community for book lovers on Instagram. I've been apart of this community for over a year now and I feel really at home. I've felt so welcome and accepted on Instagram and I love talking with everyone I meet on there.

      I had the *great* idea to share 5 of my favorite bookstagram accounts. I actually couldn't make up my mind, so I may do another feature post about my other favorite accounts that didn't make the cut. There are a few things that I look for when I decide on my favorite accounts, but this time, I chose aesthetic. I love it when people post pictures of their fangirl/fanboy experiences, fanart, reviews, aesthetically pleasing pictures, hauls, shelfies, book-ish tumblr text posts, and other bookish pictures. I just love this community. Everyone is so creative and original. I just love this community!

Here Are Those 5 Bookstagram-ers:


  • I love everything that Karmen posts! It's so gorgeous and I'm so envious of how creative she is. Her content is so beautiful.

~ @blueeyedbiblio

  • Emily's bookstagram account is everything that I wish mine was. Her pictures are so beautiful, her little Funko pops are such a cute addition to her pictures, and her bookish-selfies are so pretty! 

~ @darkfaerietales

  • I adore Bridget's account! It's so colorful and her rainbow stacks are so gorgeous and when they pop up on my Instagram dash, I just stare at them and wish I could take pictures like that. *sigh*.


~ @bookwormboutique

  • Not only does Lauren have an adorable online boutique, she posts really pretty pictures on her Instagram. Someday, I plan on buying some of her amazing products. 


~ @forthelove_ofbooks
  • Emilie's Instagram account is everything that I wish mine was. I love how colorful and original each picture is. Here different little Funko pop figures are also really cute additions to her pictures.

I hope you all check out these lovely ladies' accounts. Their accounts are so fun and I can't wait to see what they post next. 

Until next time! Happy reading!
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