Monday, December 22, 2014

Anna & the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Page Count: 372
Published on: July 16, 2013 
Published by: Speak
Genre(s): YA, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction, Chick-Lit
Source: Paperback -School Reading
Age Rating: PG
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Twitter: @naturallysteph

My Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Can Anna find love in the City of Light?

Anna is happy in Atlanta. She has a loyal best friend and a crush on her coworker at the movie theater, who is just starting to return her affection. So she's less than thrilled when her father decides to send her to a boarding school in Paris for her senior year.

But despite not speaking a word of French, Anna meets some cool new people, including the handsome Étienne St. Clair, who quickly becomes her best friend. Unfortunately, he's taken —and Anna might be, too. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with the French kiss she's waiting for?


Hey, guys! Olivia here!
    This week I re-read a delightful book called Anna and the French Kiss. This story follows the main character, Anna. Anna is a senior in high school, but her famous writer dad makes her go to a boarding school in France. Anna really doesn’t want to go, in fact, she rather loathes going. She doesn’t want to give up her life in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; she doesn’t want to leave her little brother; she doesn’t want to leave her best friend, Bridgette; and she doesn’t want to lose her chance of being with her crush Toph.
    She ends up going to France to attend the boarding school and meets Meredith, Rashmi, Josh, and Etienne St. Clair. Etienne is a charming and charismatic half-American and half-French boy. Sparks fly nearly instantly…the only problem…he has a girlfriend…
    Stephanie Perkins, let me say, is an amazing author. She writes these complex characters that you easily can relate to and get attached to. In the beginning of the book, you meet the characters and they automatically seem like people you’d meet in high school, fun loving, wild, and young. Anna and St. Clair progress as better characters throughout the whole story, trying to figure out who they are and trying to find love all at the same time...OH AND ON TOP OF THAT THEY’RE TRYING TO KEEP THEIR IMPECCABLE GRADES!
    This book is so much fun to read and it’s an amazing contemporary romance. It makes you sit on your seat and cry and laugh…its an emotional book.
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