Friday, March 13, 2015

Until Midnight by Melissa Landers

Page Count: 112
Published on: December 23rd 2014 
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Source: Free Ebook
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Dystopian
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My Rating: 5 stars

Hey guys!

     I really loved this novella! It follows Aelyx and Cara on the ship right after the end of Alienated [Read my review here :)] Aelyx and Cara are spending as much time as possible together before Aelyx has to go back to Earth and before Cara has to go back to L'eihr to help with the exchange program. They have one day to be together and Cara is doing all that she can to make those twenty-four hours count. Cara is homesick and worried about spending a year apart from her parents and Aelyx, and on top of that she's missing know 'cause she's on an alien space ship...haha talk about worrisome. When Aelyx finds out that she's missing Christmas, he does an internet search for Christmas traditions..and a few things get lost in translation
  ...Haha if you loved Alienated, you will gobble this story up. I read it in under 20 minutes during a reading day in English class, and it left me in dire need of Invaded. If you ship Aelyx and Cara as much as I do you will feel all of the feels, trust me my dear readers this is essential to read after Alienated...and it's FREE what more do you need?!?! GO! GO READ IT!!!

     I gave this 5 stars, it was perfect..other than the shortness (about 40 pages) but that was solved with an excerpt of Invaded (you get the prologue and the first 4 chapters)! Alien-loving-readers are going to love this! Go read! I urge you! Go! Go! Enjoy!

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