Monday, January 19, 2015

A Time To Reap by Jonas Lee

*This review is sponsered by Mr. Jonas Lee :)*

Published July 2014 
250 pages
Published by: Createspace
1st In the The Legend of Carter Gabel series

Format: Thank you to Shannon Thompson and Mr. Jonas Lee for sending me an e-book copy
Genre: Fantasy, Science-fiction, Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars ****

Goodreads synopsis:

Pemberton Academy is not just a school, it’s a gathering place for the children of the future that are afflicted with Temporal Displacement and Telepathy; in short, time travelers and mind readers who have been diagnosed with this “disease.” The Academy is not all as it seems after an explosion nearly takes one of its classmates, but not before Carter Gabel rescues her by using an unknown symptom related to his described illness. An unsanctioned group called the Program begins taking notice as the two classmates exhibit stronger abilities when they are together. Carter's sense of reality begins to unwind as he learns more about his estranged father's involvement with it all. 

Carter will have to overcome the past of his father leaving, the present of an unknown adversary hunting him down and a future that seems to change with each decision he makes. He will have to learn who to trust out of the people in his life if he wants to conquer the looming notion that the government may be hunting him down because of his developing abilities.


Hey guys!

     This book was really quite a satisfying read. It was really funny and the plot was really original! I've never read anything like it before! It basically takes place in a futuristic world where it is common for people to have special abilities, such as teleporting, "leaping into time", and mind reading. Jonas Lee created these abilities and this world where people are ruled by power hungry tyrants who are trying to use young people for their abilities. 
     Carter is a young boy with the ability to "Leap". He has no control over his abilities. Every time he "Leapt" to another time he wound up naked in a different was very awkward...and when he "Leapt" back he was still stark naked and unsure of how long he was gone. Leapers can't Leap for longer than a 3 month span of time without getting extremely sick or the Leaper could die. 
     At first I was really confused, time travel is a foreign concept to me, but I'm glad I read this book. It was so funny and new and just over all a fun read. As I said before, at first I was quite confused about the specifics of the basics about the different abilities of the people and how it affects them. About 30 pages into it the details became quite clear and it was so much fun to read.
   Carter is powerful but with Mo they're invincible. They are Gemini. The government doesn't want that. They want to use they're abilities for their own gain. Mo and Carter do NOT like that. They take out their former school and they shut it down. I'm exctited to see what happens next in A Time To Live. :D

Favorite Lines: "Who the hell am I going to find willing to be my Obi-Wan Kenobi for this scenario of impending doom?" {Page 9}

"....As I will recall later, it looks more like a drunken hobo attempting to impersonate a hissing cat, In short I am pathetically hilarious." {Page 104}

"I snap my fingers, and within a second, my father is a sack of potatoes on the ground." {Page 169}

This was a really cool read, and if I can get my hands on a copy of the next book I will definitely read it!

Thank you Mr. Jonas Lee and Miss Shannon Thompson for contacting me! This was a really enjoyable read!

Until later guys!