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{{REVIEWS BY BAILEY}} Bethany the Ballet Fairy (Rainbow Magic #50) by Daisy Meadows


Page Count: 208 pages
Published on: September 1st 2005
Published by: 
Disney Press
Genre(s): Children's Fiction,  Fantasy, Middle Grade

Where To Find ItGoodreads // Amazon  

Bailey's Rating: 4.5 stars 

Goodreads synopsis:

Can Rachel and Kirsty help the Dance Fairies get their grooves back?

The Dance Fairies' magic ribbons are missing! Without them, all kinds of dances are getting off on the wrong foot. Everyone is miserable, except for Jack Frost and his goblins. They have the ribbons . . . and it's up to Rachel and Kirsty to get them back!

Beautiful ballets everywhere are turning into a total mess. Can Bethany the Ballet Fairy track down her ribbon? Or will the goblins dance away with it?

Find the magic ribbon in each book, and help keep the Dance Fairies on their toes!


Hey guys!

Here's another review by Bailey!


Q: What is *insert title* about? Can you summarize it a bit?
A: It's about Jack Frost and tons of gremlins and they were stealing the magic fairies wands. Only Bethany
got hers back, but in the next book someone else is going to get their wand. And then that goes
on until everyone gets their wand...and that's the end of the series. 

Q: What would you rate this book? Why?
A: 5 stars....

Q: You don't have very low expectations do you?
A: No I like every book... *Mad Hatter voice* I like it

Q: What did you like about this book? 
A: I liked that it was about magic and fairies, and they were searching for had
a really good plot.

Q: What's a plot?
A: A plot is the problem in a story. The only stories I don't like are the stories in my reading book. They're so boring!

Q: What did you dislike?
A: ...nothing.

Q: Are you going to continue with the series?
A: Yeah..wait there's a series...oh yeah..duh  

Q: Do you have anything else to say to the people reading this?
A: Believe in fairies...don't believe in fake gods...Believe in fairies, unicorns and God...and castles that are full of unicorns

Sarah: Um..Unicorns don't live in castles...they live in villas..they braid their tails so they don't poop on themselves...


I hope you all enjoyed Bailey's review of this book! She and I had a lot of fun doing the Q&A! :)

Happy reading!
Olivia & Bailey
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