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The Search For WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

Page Count: 484
Published on: September 21, 2010
Published by: Simon & Schuster for Young Readers
Genre(s): Fantasy, Science Fiction, Middle Grade, YA, Adventure
Source: Print: Paperback
Age Rating: PG

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My Rating: 4.75 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Eva Nine is a curious and sensitive twelve-year-old who has existed only in a subterranean home called Sanctuary, cared for by a robot named Muthr. Eva's great desire is to go aboveground, and her wish comes true, though not as she had imagined. On the surface, Eva goes in search of other humans--she has never met one--and soon meets both friend and foe.


Hey guys!

      I got this book with my aunt when we went out to a college campus. I saw this book and automatically thought of Regan from PeruseProject from YouTube. Regan has been raving about this series and Tony DiTerlizzi in general. Tony DiTerlizzi is the co-creator and the illustrator of the Spiderwick Chronicles. His awesome illustrations are all throughout the book, and they just add to the awesome vibe that the book gave me. 

      When I first started reading this book, I was kind of confused because I went into it blindly. The first few chapters were really cool, because they were a nice introduction to Eva and M.U.T.H.R. They are such a strong team and I'd love to read more about their life in the Sanctuary. At first I thought M.U.T.H.R. was way too uptight, and I really didn't understand her as a character. When I continued to read on, I realized that my whole perception of her character was totally wrong. Her whole purpose was to protect and teach Eva how to survive and live her life. She was doing what she was programmed to do. By the end of the book, I really loved Muthr and respected her a lot more. Eva was a very smart girl. She's fourteen (I think) and for a fourteen year old girl who's never been outside, she's actually really resourceful and once she gets the idea of what she's up against regarding the outside world, she's very cool. Don't get me wrong, she's still very flawed as a person, and she makes mistakes throughout the book, but it's normal. She's never been outside and she has no idea what she's up against, so I thought her mistakes were somewhat justified. 

      Tony DiTerlizzi's writing style, art style, and the characters and creatures that he creates are so unlike anything I've ever seen. His magical and fantastical world is so original and mysterious. The cliff hanger alone was so well done! I did not see that coming! My edition of the book had a little sneak peek of the first few pages of the sequel, so it just made me want to read the next book even more...haha. Overall, this book is so worth reading. It's kind of an Alice In Wonderland retelling, but vaguely...As I continue to think about it, I see more and more similarities between the two stories, but the book doesn't rely on the original story to drive the plot. I loved it! I gave this book 4.5 stars, because there was something missing for me, but I can't put my finger on what I felt was missing....

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed this review! Happy reading!

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