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Con Academy by Joe Schreiber

Con Academy by Joe Schreiber

Page Count: 234
Published on: August 4th, 2015
Published by: HMH Publishing
Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary
Source: ARC given to me by my school librarian, which was given to her by HMH Publishing

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My Rating: 3 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

It's his senior year and Will Shea has conned his way into one of the country's most elite prep schools. But he soon runs into Andrea, a fellow con-artist. With the school not big enough for the both of them, they make a bet that whoever can con Brandt Rush, the richest, most privileged student in the school out of $50K, gets to stay at the school. Will starts setting up his con (an online poker scam) with his uncle who's one of the best grifters in the business, but also with the unwanted help of his father.. The plot thickens as Will starts falling for fellow student Gatsby, and some of Will's lies start to catch up with him. In this twisty tale of scams, secrets, lies and deception, it hard to figure out who's conning who!


Hey, guys

       Con Academy follows Will Shea (Humbert), who cons his way into schools. He conned his way into two schools, but got caught and he promptly got away. He then cons his way into Connaughton Academy, a ritzy boarding school for the rich and wealthy children of important snobby rich people. I planned to stay in the school and graduate and then go to Harvard. But soon, Andrea discovers who he is and they make a bet. They bet that whoever gets Brandt Rush, a horridly snobby rich kid, cough up $50,000 gets to stay at the school and the other will leave. May the best conman win.

       I thought this book was really funny. Will was a really nice character, and I liked how smart and funny he was. He showed really nice character development by the end of the novel, which was really refreshing. I also liked how you can relate with how snobby and mean Brandt was. Everyone knows a Brandt in their life...This was really nicely written and a cool read. I've not read anything like this before and I think that both guys and girls will love this novel. 

My Favorite Character: ...I forget her name...I swear I'm going to remember in the middle of the night...sorry guys
My Least Favorite Character: Will's dad

You guys will really like this book!

Enjoy guys!