Monday, April 27, 2015

Lali of the Lill by Adi Mandal

 Lali of the Lill by Adi Mandal

Page Count: 152
Published on: February 14th 2015
Published by: Adi Mandal
Genre(s): YA, Fantasy

Source: Provided by author

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My Rating: 3 stars

Goodreads synopsis:
Lali must face her fears and begin the journey to The Lill, a treacherous journey built around lies. In seeking for the truth about her past and future, she must leave Krei, the young man who loves her more than his life, and learn to trust Theon, a stranger who claims he is the only one who can help her. 


Hey guys!

       Lali of the Lill is about a girl named Lali. She and her mother are outsiders in London. To discover the truth of her past, she must leave her boyfriend/fiance Krei and leave with Theon, who is supposed to help her discover who she is and to discover her past.

       Adi Mandal contacted me on Instagram (@laliofthelill) to read her book. She sent me a pdf copy of the book and I read it in a day. The whole concept was really interesting, but because this was Adi's first book, I felt like she kind of skipped around towards the middle and her transitions from scene to scene were really confusing. Also, I felt like I couldn't relate very well with the characters because with 152 pages, there isn't much much elbow room to know them and connect with them. I loved the whole concept of numans and the attacks. I'd love to read more about it, and I would totally read the second book.

My Favorite Character:  Krei
My Least Favorite Character: Miss Brooklyn and sometimes Lali