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Cozy & Winter-y Reads

Hey guys!

      It's that time of year! During this time of year I love to curl up in my bed or on a comfy couch with a warm drink. During this time of year I love to read soem fluffy romance novels, epic high fantasy series, and paranormal romance. Last winter I read a lot of paranormal-dystopian and romance, but this year I've been reading a bit of everything. 

For Hailey from YT's Bookmas read-a-thon one of the challenges was to name four cozy reads. Some of my favorite cozy reads are of different genres and are basically nothing alike, but here they are!

Lux: Beginnings (Obsidian & Onyx) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I read this bind up in December of 2014 and I'm reading it again this December because I want to continue on with the series. I just love this series. The characters are so hilarious and Daemon and Katy are so snarky. I love their banter back and forth, and I ship them so hard. I'm a working my way through the series and my love for them just keeps on growing. 

My Ship: Daemon x Katy
Series Name: Lux
My Review: {click here} & {click here}


The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

I actually read this this summer, but I feel like it could be a really awesome book to read while sitting on a comfy chair with hot cocoa. I loved the characters and the story, and the magic, and the retelling of A Thousand and One Nights. The characters are so well written, the setting is so lush, the magic is so intriguing and the king is so dreamy!

My Ship: Shahrzad x Khalid
Series Name: The Wrath & the Dawn
My Review: {click here}


Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

I also read this right after Christmas, and this book just gives me the warm and fuzzies and reminds me of the amazing feels this book gave me. This book is just a feel good book, and a fluffy romance that would make anyone get the best feelings possible. This book has some controversy, but it is so thoroughly enjoyable and one of my favorite contemporary novels. 

My Ship: Penny x Lion Boy
Series Name: Girl Online  
My Review: {click here}

The Selection by Kiera Cass

If you're new to my blog, then you should know that I am obsessed with the Selection series and Kiera Cass's writing in general. I just absolutely adore her writing and I adore her. Her books are so wonderfully written, and her characters are so fantastic, hilarious, and beautiful. This series is so addicting and I cannot wait until The Crown comes out in May. It's my most anticipated 2016 release.

My Ship: America x Maxon
Series Name: The Selection
My Review: {click here}

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This is another one of my favorite contemporary novels, actually it's one of my all time favorites. I am so connected to this book. It's so relatable, and it gives me all of the feelings that I want in a contemporary book. Cath and Levi are such amazing characters, and Rainbow Rowell is such a fantastic writer and she's one of my all time favorites.

My Ship: Cath x Levi
My Review: {click here}

Anna & the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

This is another contemporary that will make you feel all of the feels. Anna and St. Clair are some of my favorite characters. Stephanie Perkins is such an amazing writer. Here characters are so charming, beautiful, and dreamy. The romance in her books is written perfectly, her characters don't instantly fall in love with each other, and it all seems really really natural. I absolutely adore it.

My Ship: Anna x St. Clair, Lola x Cricket, and Isla x Josh
Series Name: Anna & the French Kiss
My Review: {click here}

        I highly recommend these lovely books. They make me feel so warm and fuzzy. I know that most of my little blurbs about my thoughts on the books sound really repetitive, but these books are on the list that has all of the books that make me feel so happy that I literally die. Sometimes the love that I have for a book or a series makes me unable to explain how much I love them. These books are so amazing that it's almost impossible to explain how much I love them. These books are so nice to read during the winter time.

Y'all need to read these books. They are so amazing. 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday. Again, Merry Christmas! God bless!

Merry Christmas!
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