Wednesday, August 16, 2017

[TomeTopple: Round 4] Wrap Up

Hey, guys!

     Round 4 of TomeTopple was actually my first attempt at tackling my huge tomes on my TBR through this readathon.This was a really fun experience, but because I started so last minute and because I wasn't too worried about my reading the past week, it's no surprise that I didn't do that great. I managed to finish one tome. This tome was also the book that I was already 150 pages into, so it's not as great of a win. 

If you didn't know that I was taking part in this readathon, then here is the link to my TBR! Click here to see my crazy ambitious TBR!

My Wrap Up:

I only finished 1 tome! I mean I read more than one book between August 4th and 14th, but I only read one actual tome.


I read Seraphina for TomeTopple. 
This book was 499 pages long and I gave it 4.25 stars. 
I'll have a review up soon! I'm excited to discuss this book with everyone. 
I should have read this book a long time ago!

Challenges Fulfilled:
1. Read more than 1 tome 
3. Read a tome that is part of a series 

I'm not really that proud that I only read one tome, but I'm still not worried about it. I'll take part in another round when I have time. 

Happy reading!
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