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Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant

Page Count: 276 Published on: April 4, 2017 Published by: KCP Loft Genre(s): Romance, YA, Contemporary, Source: Print: Paperback Age Rating: YA
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My Rating: 4.5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Eva Walker is a seventeen-year-old math genius. And if that doesn’t do wonders for her popularity, there’s another thing that makes it even worse: when she touches another person or anything that belongs to them — from clothes to textbooks to cell phones — she sees a vision of their emotions. She can read a person’s fears and anxieties, their secrets and loves … and what they have yet to learn about calculus. This is helpful for her work as a math tutor, but it means she can never get close to people. Eva avoids touching anyone and everyone. People think it’s because she’s a clean freak — with the emphasis on freak — but it’s all she can do to protect herself from other people’s issues. 

Then one day a new student walks into Eva’s life. His jacket gives off so much emotional trauma that she falls to the floor. Eva is instantly drawn to Zenn, a handsome and soulful artist who also has a troubled home life, and her feelings only grow when she realizes that she can touch Zenn’s skin without having visions. But when she discovers the history that links them, the truth threatens to tear the two apart.


Hey, guys!

      I was contacted by KCP Loft for an honest review and it was probably my second favorite book of the four that they sent me. This was a super fluffy and unique contemporary novel. I'm not even sure if it's a tiny bit science fiction or a tiny bit fantasy, but it was basically a contemporary/romance with a tiny bit of mysterious powers? I'm not even sure what it's supposed to be...but I loved it! I was kind of wary to actually read this book because it just wasn't what I was in the mood for, but I ended up really loving it and it was what I needed at the moment. I'm so glad that I read this book. 

     I really enjoyed the family dynamic throughout this book. The parents were actually really sweet, but they weren't as involved as parents usually are...which is pretty common in YA novels, so it wasn't really a surprise to me. I really loved the relationship that Eva had with her four siblings. It was really cool to read something that had quadruplets. I thought that was super cute. 

      I also really liked that Eva was the daughter of a pastor. I thought that would add a really interesting concept to the book, but it wasn't really mentioned as much as I thought it would be. I really love it when YA books have characters that have a faith that shapes their character. I really love religion in YA. It adds a special something to my reading experience. I suppose I connect to characters like that, because I have a strong faith as well. I just thought it would be cool. Her doubt regarding her faith was really interesting too. It was really real and I wish it had been expanded upon, but I really enjoyed the bits that I read. 

     This book kept me guessing for the majority of the book. There were a few plot twists/plot points that I really didn't see coming which I actually really liked. I was genuinely wondering what would happen next. In most of the contemporary/romance books that I had read this past year, I saw most of the plot twists before they had happened, but in this book I didn't see it coming.

      Even though I didn't go through traumatic and stressful events like Eva, I really did connect with her. I really enjoyed reading from her perspective and I really liked her character. She was a really funny and interesting to read about and I really enjoyed reading from her perspective. She was very relatable and I really liked her voice. She felt like someone I would be friends with. 

     Overall, this was a really unique and fluffy book that had almost all the best qualities of a contemporary. It wasn't the best contemporary, but it was pretty darn close to being one of the cutest. I really enjoyed the characters, the plot, and the writing. I cannot wait to get my hands on a finished copy in April. I'm definitely recommending this to my friends and to all of you guys! I highly recommend!

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