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Textrovert by Lindsay Summers

Page Count: 300
Published on: May 2, 2017
Published by: KCP Loft
Genre(s): Romance, YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Humor
Source: Print-ARC: via publisher
Age Rating: ages 12 & up

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My Rating: 4.75 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

It’s bad enough when high-school senior Keeley grabs the wrong phone while leaving her small town’s end-of-summer fair. It’s even worse when she discovers that the phone she now has belongs to the obnoxious, self-centered Talon and that he’s just left for football camp … with her phone. Reluctantly, the two agree to forward messages for a week. And as Keeley gets to know Talon, she starts to like him. Keeley learns there’s more to Talon than the egocentric jock most people see. There’s more to Keeley, too. Texting Talon, she can step out of the shadow of her popular twin brother. Texting Talon, she can be the person she’s always wanted to be.
Sparks fly when the two finally meet to exchange their phones. But while Keeley has been playing a part online, Talon has been keeping a secret. He has a different connection to Keeley — one that has nothing to do with phones, and one that will make their new relationship all but impossible. Knowing what she now knows, can Keeley trust him? And can love in the present erase mistakes of the past?


Hey, guys!

      I was sent a package from KCP Loft that included an ARC copy of Textrovert. Of the four books that were included in the package, Textrovert was one of the books that I was looking forward to the least. Surprisingly, of the four books that KCPL sent me, Textrovert was definitely my favorite of the four books that I received. Textrovert began as a draft on the writing/reading platform called Wattpad under the title of The Cellphone Swap. Wattpad has been a part of my life for quite a while. I used to read stories on Wattpad all the time, but I kind of stopped once I started my junior and senior years of high school. I started reading more physical books and fewer e-books and online stories. It is so wonderful that the talented and created writers from Wattpad get the chance to publish their works physically and get their creations out in the public eye. They deserve every bit of success that they earn. 

      Textrovert follows Keeley as she loses her phone towards the end of the summer before her senior year. She soon finds out that she and a guy named Talon had accidentally swapped phones with him for the time being. They decide to forward messages in order to maintain their social lives as Talon heads off to football camp. As their friendship continues, Talon and Keeley become closer. They soon find out that they have connections that span farther than a minor phone mishap. 

      The characters really sold this book for me. They were so hilarious and had such witty personalities. As their friendship begins to develop, Keeley comes out of her shell and really begins to find out who she is as a person. She and Talon get along really well. As the summer comes to a close, Talon and Keeley begin to plan how they are going to meet and swap phones. 

      This is one of those books that is pretty predictable for the most part but in the best way. It's a cheese-y and fluffy romance that you can't help but adore. This book made me feel every emotion under the sun. The characters were so fun to read about. I really shipped Keeley and Talon, and even though they went through a miscommunication patch, everything worked out in the end. There were a few twists that really surprised me. I really enjoyed those sweet and hilarious moments.

I highly recommend that you read this book. You can preorder it on Amazon and all other major bookseller sites. 

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